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  • Assembled Rovings for Spray-up
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Assembled Rovings for Spray-up

  • Assembled Rovings for Spray-up

Assembled Rovings for Spray-up(TDS

Product Introduction:

Assembled Rovings for Spray-up are compatible with UP,VE and PU resins. They deliverproperties of low static, excellent dispersion and good wet-out in resins.

Product Description

Assembled Roving for Spray-up is coated with a silane-based sizing,compatible with unsaturated polyester, vinyl ester and polyurethane resins.is a versatile general purpose spray-up roving used to manufacture boats,yachts, sanitary wares,swimming pools, automotive parts, and centrifugalcasting pipes.

Product Features

  • -Excellent choppability and dispersion-Good anti-static property

    -Excellent contact to mold surfaces and no rebound in small angle

    -Fast and complete wet-out ensures easy roll-out and rapid air release.

Technical Parameters

Item Linear density variation Moisture content Sizing content Stiffness
Unit %
Test menthod ISO 1889
ISO 3344
ISO 1887
ISO 3375
Standard range ±5 ≤0.1


Glass type E
Sizing type Silane
Typical filarment diameter (um) 12
Typical linear density (tex) 2400 3000 48000
Example ECR12-YD810-2400

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